Thursday, October 25, 2012

sugar and spice and everything nice

October has turned out to be the month of the baby girl, and I've loved helping welcome these little princesses. Each of my sweet friends that delivered these gals had great pregnancies, and their baby girls are just beautiful. I sadly haven't been able to meet little Emma yet, Jen's baby who came on October 12th, but I did get to meet Elsye, just five days after she was born on October 11th. Julia is her proud big sister, and both girls look a lot like their pretty mama!

Julia and Elsye 

little Gia and Julia are good buddies, and it was fun to see them both with the new baby

And then this past Sunday came another surprise...little Madeleine Grace was born a week early on October 21st! I was so thrilled to get Robert's text to tell me Rebecca was in labor on Sunday early afternoon, as I was already n Spartanburg and hopeful I could make it to Columbia to meet Madeleine on her birthday. I was over the moon to see her just a few hours after she was born. So perfect and so new. 

warming up under the lights after her bath in the nursery

Rebecca looked amazing

already in love with this little girl

Also, on Sunday, I got to see another precious baby girl who is almost 4 months old. Penelope and her mom and dad came to meet us at Wade's after church, and she just keeps cuter and cuter.

Penelope loving on her little puppy

so special to see Meghanne as a mama

Penelope wasn't too sure what to think of Richard

I can't wait to love on all these little girls and watch them grow. So, so thankful to be their "Auntie Beth!"

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  1. Penelope loves her Auntie Beth! She is always smiling around you! :)