Tuesday, October 30, 2012

sandy staycation

Thanks to Ms. Hurricane Sandy, I've been off today and yesterday. The federal government, local government, and schools all closed in preparation for the monster storm. The June Derecho storm really did a number on our area, and I think everyone wanted to be prepared this time. Thankfully for us, the damage was pretty minimal and and we kept power the whole time. Unfortunately the Frankenstorm hit my brother Will and Hoboken, NJ a little harder. He's without power and the streets around his apartment are flooded.

Richard actually got to spend some time at home too, so we've watched The Nightmare Before Christmas (his choice) and My Best Friend's Wedding (my choice), sorted through piles of mail and laundry, eaten most of our leftovers from our weekend pumpkin carving party and gone a little stir crazy. But we are super thankful the storm wasn't much worse! And for the impromptu staycation. 

empty flashlight aisle at our local Target

USPS still delivered despite the storm

Sandy heeded the wishes of this Catholic school

cars lined up under the overpass near our house

rising creek

Hello Kitty for President- we noticed these on a super cold walk through our neighborhood after finding out both our YMCA and the gym on base were closed

update: the scene outside Will's apartment in Hoboken, as of Wednesday morning

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