Monday, October 29, 2012

reunion tailgate 2012

Each year, some of my favorite friends from Clemson and I plan a reunion tailgate a few months in advance of the football season. And for the past few years, it's seemed that the games we have chosen have been set for noon. This year was no different for the Clemson- Virginia Tech game. Noon games are the worst, especially when you have to come in from out of town. And even more so when your flight gets delayed several hours due to a bad thunderstorm. Richard and I were not particularly thrilled to spend our Friday night in the BWI airport instead of with family and friends at home.

this look pretty much sums up our night

We finally made it to Greenville late Friday night/early Saturday morning and after sitting in a bit of traffic, made it to Clemson a couple of hours before the game. I love, love seeing my girls and their sweet children but always feel like we never have enough time. A girls weekend is definitely in order!

Lisa is kind to host us every year, and it's been so fun to get to know Avery and now baby Warren

There are 22 children among the girls who typically come. 22! They didn't all get to come, but we tried to get a picture with most of the little ones who were there. 

Sarah's version- thank you Sarah!

And just the girls- we were all tickled because the little ones didn't understand why they couldn't be in this picture too- bless their hearts, their little faces were so sad. I'm sure us laughing at them didn't make it any better!

and again, Sarah's version,  from L to R- Meg, Melanie, Lisa, Sarah, me, Julie, Baylis and Dawn

love this one of Sarah and me- Sarah was one of the first people I met at Clemson, and I respect her so much for how she balances a successful career and happy family life...wonder woman for sure!

Clemson designated the game as Military Appreciation Day, and it was so special to see Daniel Rodriguez, a Tiger football player and Purple Heart award winner for service in Iraq and Afghanistan, run the American flag down the Hill. 

Go Tigers!

In addition to the girls, we got the see several other great friends. Thankfully a lot of alums picked this game to get back to.

Angelo was student body president at Clemson when I was vice-president, so we spent a ton of time together in the Clemson Student Government office. I think we made a great team, and I'm so glad we got to visit with him and his wife, Heather. 

And we saw Kellianne, one of my dear childhood friends, briefly. I needed more time with her!

The best part for Richard was getting to see not one, but two of his best friends from med school. We had talked prior to the game about meeting up and really lucked out when their tailgate spot was just three down from my girls! Stuart and Lee had McIver with them, their adorable baby boy who we hadn't met yet.

Stuart is such a good dad

MUSC reunion- Chris and Rachel, who were both in Richard's class, and Lee and Stuart, who graduated from MUSC as well

My mom and dad make most of the games, and we had fun getting to tailgate with them too. I love that our whole family shares a passion for Clemson football. We missed Will but loved seeing Jeff and Leah! Hard to believe this is the last season that mom and dad will have a student in Clemson.

best parents a girl could ask for

Richard and me with Leah and Jeff- so proud of Jeff, who will graduate from Clemson in December

Richard is a Wofford grad but has adopted Clemson as his second team. He was such a good sport to trek all over campus with me on a warm October day after having had very little sleep. 

my favorite guy

With a good Clemson win over the Hokies, reunions with so many of our favorite people, and visits to even more special friends on the way home to Spartanburg, it was a happy, happy day. 

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