Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fourth of July and our return to reality

July so far has been a whirlwind of work, work and more work, with a little bit of play when we can take a break. Richard has spent more hours at the hospital in the last week than he did at NIH in the last month, and Congress is back in full force after the 4th of July break with no recess in sight until August.

Despite working hard, we've been cooking more at home and enjoying some delicious summer produce. Last weekend we had a fabulous tomato pie and fresh corn on the cob. Yum!

Richard thankfully had the entire 4th of July off, so we celebrated with friends by the pool and another delicious dinner. Our friend Anthony is a Texas native and smoked an incredible beef brisket. Anthony and Ryan are surgery residents with Richard, and I've loved getting to know their wives Alex and Jill (well soon-to-be in Alex's case!).

Anthony and Alex, Jill and Ryan, and Richard and me

Richard has been on call today, but as much as I miss him, I had a great time dancing the morning away in Body Jam, then spending way too much of the day at the outlets in Leesburg, Virginia. I only came away with a very inexpensive top from J Crew, but it was fun to look! There's a Chick-Fil-A on the way out to Leesburg, and I ate lunch there then picked up dinner for Richard on the way home. We had a fancy call room dinner of Five Guys last week, and today, he ate his Chick-Fil-A in the lobby of the INNOVA Heart Center.

After he finished, as he was walking me back towards the exit, he had to stop in and tell a sweet grandmother's family, all gathered in a waiting room, that she wasn't doing too well. While he spoke to them, it was clear, even from a distance, that he was emotionally affected by the toil this lady's illness was taking on her family. She had taked an unexpected turn for the worse, and just as I got home, Richard was part of the team going back to the OR to try and save her life. I am so proud of him for the work he does, but also for the amount of heart he puts into caring for others- that makes him being away so much a little more bearable.

another white coat pic- Chick-Fil-A break

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