Friday, July 22, 2011

if i could write a letter to me...

Tomorrow we will reach the one-year anniversary of our wedding rehearsal evening- the night before our wedding, and the point where I finally felt like everything I'd planned and coordinated over the last 8 months was beginning to come together and could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

I loved walking into the church that Friday night and seeing all of our friends and family and hearing the musicians practicing their gorgeous arrangements. I loved watching the vision of the placement of our beautiful, expansive wedding party take place. I loved playing with my darling flower girls and ring bearer. And I loved reuniting with so many of my favorite people at the rehearsal dinner, dancing to Uncle Ted and his bluegrass band, hearing all the lovely toasts, and seeing the slideshow that consumed so much of my brothers' time (you can re-visit our rehearsal dinner details here).

Having almost arrived to the one-year anniversary of that evening, there are so many things I would tell my almost-married self for reference throughout the year.

  • change your plans and see Richard before the wedding- more time at the reception is worth bucking tradition! And you'll get to speak to more of your guests and not feel so rushed.
  • take back some merlot and buy more prosecco- bubbles are best!
  • have someone designated to take everything from Piedmont Club and the Inn on Main- or you'll still be missing your wedding shoes a still later!
  • soak up every.single.minute of your time in Anguilla- and embrace new friends! They'll just enhance your experience.
  • as hard as it is, don't worry about not working right away. God has got it all under control, and His plan is so much better than yours. There will be plenty of time to work soon enough!
  • don't bother with paying for a Maryland car inspection- you can stay a SC resident since Richard is in the military. And take advantage of shopping at the commissary- it's so much cheaper.
  • be patient with your husband. He is learning and adjusting, just like you, and he is trying his best. Walk away from heated situations and don't try to fix everything with conversation immediately.
  • you will miss SC more than you ever thought- don't be afraid to go home early and often to get your fill. Go visit new babies and your brothers, attend weddings, and love on your family. You won't always have the time to do so.
  • everything in your house will break this year. Everything. But dealing with it is an adventure that will only strengthen your marriage (or just drive you both nuts).
  • modesty will fly out the window, which makes for some really funny moments.
  • take absolute advantage of Richard not being on call or working weekends. it will all end way too soon, and it is hard to share him with the hospital.
  • there's a stand-alone Dairy Queen less than 5 miles from your house, and the closest Chick-Fil-A is in the Montgomery County Mall. Sadly there's no Sonic in a 50 mile radius, and there will be many days when you will crave a diet cherry coke!
  • some of your best nights with Richard will consist of cooking at home and watching a movie on the couch together- and don't be afraid to experiment in the kitchen...he's just glad to not be home eating cereal!
  • don't take yourselves too seriously and have fun! Love living with your best friend and love the laughter and sheer joy your new life brings.

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  1. Amen, amen, amen, sweet friend! Isn't marriage a wonderful, challenging, inspiring, difficult, easy, amazing, eye-opening and perfect adventure! Congratulations on your first year, and best wishes for many, many to come!