Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Will!

My sweet brother Will turned 24 this past Thursday, which makes this big sister feel ancient! Will is the middle child in our family, and he is a classic middle child- easy going, a natural mediator, sensitive and a friend to everyone. He made the only acceptable college decision and went to Clemson. He now lives in Hoboken, NJ and works for L'Oreal as a packaging engineer on their luxury haircare lines- pureology, matrix biolage, etc- and he's sweet to send his mama and sister all kinds of fun makeup! Before Will moved to NJ, between graduation and finding his job, he lived in Spartanburg and ran COUNTLESS wedding errands before Richard and I's big day. Any brother that's willing to go to Stafford's multiple times to pick up and return china is a good brother indeed. I don't know that we would have gotten everything dome without him!

I am SO proud of both of my baby brothers and miss seeing them on a regular basis. We are so close, and I wouldn't trade them for all the sisters in the world. There are still Friday nights where I feel out of place to cheering Will or Jeff on a Dorman football or basketball game.

So happy (late) birthday, brother bear! I'm coming to see you soon!

family portrait with Will as a baby, pre-Jeff (probably for the church directory), 1987

love, love these boys!

Will and Richard in NYC, late December 2010

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