Sunday, February 19, 2012

absence makes the heart grow fonder

Or at least that's what I'm telling myself. This week we learned that our dear friends, Vin and Min, would be moving to Washington state at the end of the year, possibly sooner. They are actually both in the Army, and Takoma is where the Army has told them they have to go. They have been our neighbors for the past several months, and we will sure miss them, and their sweet little girl Gia!

We had dinner with Min and Vin and Gia Friday night and certainly plan to make the most of the remaining months they are here.

love this girl- how sweet is she?!

smart Gia borrowed my camera and snapped this picture of Richard and Vin

because of our similar coloring, Min and I have been mistaken as family- such a compliment to me!

Part our mission Friday night was to return Joseph, who has been hanging out at our house, and in my car, since we gave Gia the Little People Nativity set for Christmas. Can't leave baby Jesus fatherless!

Joseph at dinner

Gia loves some dessert

precious baby girl

And speaking of absences- my whole family was in Charleston this weekend without me and Richard. My brother Will brought his girlfriend down from New York to experience the South Carolina lowcountry, and Mom, Dad and Jeff joined them there yesterday. Today, they went to see both sets of aunts and uncles that live on St. Helena Island. I sadly haven't seen that extended family since our wedding, so I really hated not being there. I miss my family! But at least it looks like they missed me too.

Jeff and Will on Uncle Bobby and Aunt Cynthia's dock

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  1. That picture of the boys reserving your spot in the picture is so cute! Sweet brothers.