Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hallelujah, He is Risen!

Easter was special for Richard and me this year because we were able to be back in Spartanburg with our whole families. We didn't get to see Richard's family for Christmas since we were on the cruise, so it was a huge blessing to celebrate the resurrection of Christ with both families. Definitely a perk of both being from the same hometown.

On Easter Eve, before Richard flew in, I joined my family, and Jeff's girlfriend Leah, at a very fine dining establishment- Zaxby's. Like DC, there are no Zaxby's in New Jersey, so Will has to get it while he can. Not much beats a Kickin' Chickin' Sandwich Basket.

Richard flew in Sunday morning but didn't quite make it in time for church. I joined my family at our home church, where the service is pretty casual. And where Clemson is well-represented! We are so proud of Adam, who started for Clemson this year as a wide receiver. We screamed the loudest when he was on the field!

brothers Will and Adam with Jeff, all sporting Clemson orange

love my brothers

We went over to Richard's Aunt Debbie's house for lunch after church. It was so good to have all of the "cousins" together again. 

McAbee, Clark, Noe and Webb cousins and spouses

sister-in-law Suzanne, Richard and me- will have to borrow her pretty dress soon!

Richard had no sleep the night before and an early flight, so I was impressed he was able to stay awake through all the holiday visiting

After lunch with Richard's family, we had another meal with my family and watched Bubba Watson win the Masters together. I was sad to see the weekend end, but I did get to spend a few days in Columbia for work. Thankfully that time coincided with Rebecca's birthday! She is a special friend, so it was great to celebrate with her. 

birthday dinner at Mr. Friendly's

dessert with the birthday girl at Nonnah's- some of the best dessert in Columbia

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