Sunday, August 5, 2012

hey baby

Two Sundays ago in South Carolina, I had the pleasure of meeting not one but two brand new babies. Their mamas are precious friends of mine, so being able to spend time with their sweet families made for a very special afternoon.

Right after lunch with both the Webb and Davis families, mom and I went over to meet Miss Penelope and see Meghanne and Caleb. I was so surprised to see how red little P's hair was! Meghanne is a brunette and so is Caleb, but apparently his had a reddish tint. Penelope was teeny tiny but just beautiful and very calm. It seems so surreal to me that Meghanne has a baby. I can't wait to watch her grow up! 

I was delighted to meet someone with fairer skin than mine

love her already

my mom is going to be the best grandmother someday

Meghanne has put together an adorable nursery for her baby girl

Before I went to the airport to head back to DC, we went by Amanda's to meet little Grady. He was born a couple of weeks before Penelope, despite Meghanne and Amanda having due dates a day apart, and it's amazing the difference that a couple of weeks makes. Grady didn't seem quiet as tiny as little Penelope, and he just seemed to be content to hang out with all of us girls. He's such a handsome little man, and I loved seeing him wearing one of the monogrammed onesies I gave him.

Grady Collins

big sister Darcy- our little flower girl is growing up!

Amanda is such a good mom, and I love her sweet family

What a blessing these babies are! Thankful to have so many little ones in my life to love on. 

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  1. So glad that you were able to visit! We can't wait to see you again! :) Love you sweet friend!