Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hannah and Jason's wedding weekend

It's kind of ironic that Richard and I haven't attended a wedding all year, then both were in two within six days of each other! One of the sad things about living in Maryland is that we don't get to attend all of the weddings we are invited too- weddings that if we were closer, we'd be at no question. But there was no way I would have missed Hannah's wedding! She was a dear friend and sorority sister at Clemson (one of the few who would actually watch and stay for a whole football game with me!), a roommate while I lived in Columbia, my doubles tennis partner, and one of my bridesmaids at my wedding. I was thrilled to repay that favor at her wedding on July 21st. 

My journey to the South Carolina upstate was not without complication. My flight was significantly delayed, and though I finally made it to GSP late Friday afternoon, my bags did not. I bought cupcakes to take to my family and friends, so all I carried on was the cupcakes and bridesmaid's outfit. Not my best decision. I ran to a work meeting, then showed up at the Rehearsal Dinner in the dress I'd worn all day. Thankfully my bags came in later that evening, and my friend Ryan was sweet to pick them up when he landed on a later flight. 

Hannah and Jason's Rehearsal Dinner was held at the same place as their wedding, the Bleckley Inn in Anderson. The Inn is really pretty and was a great setting for the weekend festivities. Hannah included some playful pinwheels in the rehearsal dinner decor, which was super cute. 


Hannah and Jason- I loved her Elizabeth McKay dress

friends from Columbia, and with the exception of Jess, all part of the Racquettes tennis team

I stayed at the Bleckley Inn and was very thankful to be able to go right up to my room after a stressful Friday. Richard was booked on a later flight out of DC Friday evening and had planned to join me at the Rehearsal Dinner, but a hospital emergency kept him from coming until Saturday morning. Never a dull moment with us! 

For as long as I have known Hannah, she has talked about how perfect her "Mama Hop's" home would be for a wedding. And she is right- her's grandmother's house is a beautiful white house on a hill in Pendleton, SC. Hannah decided that an outdoor wedding in late July would probably be a little too warm and chose the Bleckley instead, but I am so glad we were able to attend the bridesmaid's luncheon at her Mama Hop's house. Mama Hop passed away a few years ago, so it was bittersweet to see Hannah's family gathered around her on her wedding day.

quintessential southern home

Hannah being shown the shrimp and grits as her mom and mother-in-law look on

Jen, our good friend on the left, is pregnant with her first baby, a little girl due in October, and Hannah, Jess, Bec and I are throwing her a baby shower in a couple weeks. I am so thankful for friends who I can celebrate all these big milestones with. I just wish we all still lived within a few miles of each other!

Jen and baby Butler, Bec, Hannah in her adorable white dress, me and Jess

Our bridesmaids' outfits were different than anything I have ever worn. They were green and white skirts from Anne Cramer, an ivory top from David's Bridal, and a pink ribbon sash. To be honest, green and white horizontal stripes on an A-line skirt may not be the most flattering design for anyone with hips, but I think they looked good when we were all lined up together. 

Hannah's ceremony was fairly quick, but her reception lasted all night! The bride was having too good of a time to leave, and she, her groom and their guests dance the night away. 

posing with our beautiful flowers at the church

almost time!

Hannah's florist did an amazing job

friends for life

getting ready to cut the cake

so glad mom and dad could come

so fun to see all these tennis girls! this year was full of Racquette weddings

the Webbs and the Pittmans

Hannah, Suzanne and I lived together for a year, so it was fitting that she was there to celebrate too. 

pretty flowers

Congrats Mrs. Pittman!

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